Our Mission at First Presbyterian Church of Manhattan, KS

Our mission is to create disciples for Jesus Christ and to practice His teachings by loving and serving God and one another.


First Presbyterian Church is a mainline Protestant church committed to our Presbyterian heritage and its theological tenets: the sovereignty of God, the Holy Scriptures as the rule of faith and practice in the Christian life, the priesthood of all believers, and salvation by faith. We also embrace the revolutionary and independent character of our religious ancestors who not only courageously stood for the ideals of the Christian faith at the time of the 16th century Reformation, but who were also the backbone of the American Revolution, defending freedom and resisting tyranny. Today we carry this same spirit forward with a commitment to represent the values of our Lord in a world in need of the values of our Lord.

As Presbyterians, we believe that God is sovereign over all the earth and all peoples, and we believe that God calls us to faith and to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

Through worship, education, service, mission, and prayer we seek to explore God’s call on our lives. We believe that God has a unique plan for each person as an individual, and for our community as a church family. We strive to discern God’s plan for our lives and then live it out.

As a congregation we have been blessed with a wonderful sense of community and fellowship. We welcome all generations and all types of people to participate in the life of the church. We are also dedicated to ministering to all people in need and proclaiming the love of Christ in thought, word, and deed.