Non-traditional Worship at First Pres Manhattan

Because we see a desire for quality worship in a more relaxed and spiritual environment, we will be starting a new community of faith which will worship in our gym and incorporate creative opportunities alongside traditional elements of worship, in order to promote a comfortable environment for encountering faith, grace, love and Jesus in our midst.

When a variety of people were asked what they love about their church, their response was usually three fold: the people, the music, and their pastors.  With a desire to have a more casual worship setting, we hope to build off of these three qualities by focusing on hospitality, inspiring music, and captivating speakers.  This new service will take place in the morning, since we found from research and surveys that this is still the best time for people to gather for worship. We will have a full service coffee and juice bar as well as ushers and greeters to make people feel welcome.  We will have round tables and chairs to set the floor for fellowship.  We will also seek to make advances in technology as acts of hospitality towards those who live with technology in every sector of their lives.

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