Youth Leadership Internships

Cornerstone Youth Leadership Internships (When Available)

The Youth Leadership Interns work with the Youth Leadership Team to build a foundation for a sustainable ministry creating an environment of growth, energy, and enthusiasm in both the mid-high and senior-high ministries. This team, including the Associate Pastor, Interns, Youth and Volunteers, works together to engage and deepen the faith of young disciples, while inspiring them to fulfill our church mission statement: to create disciples for Jesus Christ and to practice His teachings by loving and serving God and one another. Each internship will provide experience with youth group meeting structure, use of games for teaching and group building, developing modes and a schedule for regular communication with youth and parents, and planning special events and trips.

Hours: 10-12 per week; Salary: $150 per week

Positions needed: 2017 Spring Internship which can be continued through 2018; 2017-2018 Internships.

Interested Applicants may send their resume including two references and a cover letter describing your interest in the internship to

Special Talents and Skills: Experience working with youth 7th-12th grades, relates well with teens and their families, ability to be a team player and work with other staff and volunteers, for Mid-high ministries must be at least a junior in college, for senior high ministries must be either a senior or graduate student.

Results Based Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Growing, fun and intentionally meaningful weekly youth programs(including large and small groups) will be established and known by students, parents, volunteers and congregation. The design, content and scheduling of these programs will have been established and carried out by the Youth Leadership Interns in collaboration with the Associate Pastor and Youth Ministry Renovation Team
  • The Youth Leadership Interns will be well known in the congregation, especially by worshiping with the congregation at least three times a month, and occasionally assisting in worship leadership.
  • The Youth Leadership Interns and Associate Pastor will have established planning and promotion procedures to ensure communication with students, parents, and potential youth participants across social media and print resources.
  • The Youth Leadership Interns will have made connections with each youth by attending student community events, greeting them in worship and visiting their respective schools for lunch as his or her schedule allows, and arranging for volunteers or pastoral staff to make these connections as well.
  • The Youth Leadership Interns will have made consistent effort to be informed or will have sought out any special victories, concerns or challenges, and passed that information on to the Youth Leadership Team.
  • Youth Leadership Team(Associate Pastor, Youth Leadership Interns and Volunteers) will have met on a quarterly basis for training, prayer, troubleshooting and visioning sessions.
  • Youth Leadership Team will have worked together to build Major Event Notebooks, a Youth Roster with member participants and visitors, CECY monthly reports including attendance and budget information, and other control documents to help build a foundation for our youth ministry future events.