Mission Trip

Each summer the youth at First Presbyterian participate in a week long mission trip to various places in order to serve individuals and communities with great needs.  We believe that serving others out of love is one of our highest callings as Christians, so the mission trip is one of our most important events.

2016 Youth Mission Trip | South Dakota Lakota Trip
Three Cornerstone Youth and three adults ventured to South Dakota for a mission trip with TEAMeffort. Most of their work was around Sharps Corner, in conjunction with the Sharps Baptist Church. Specifically, they worked alongside the Oglala Lakota Tribe. Our team became deck and stair masters! They built a deck and stairs for both the dorm at the ranch where we stayed and the home of one of the church members. Each youth became proficient at hammering, measuring boards, power drilling, and, most of all, working as a team. The team had a great time getting to know several of the tribe members, learning about tradition, history and a native perspective on life and faith.








2014 Youth Mission Trip  |  Heifer International Ranch  |  Perryville, AR

2014’s mission trip was at the Heifer International Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas.

Our 2014 Mission Trip took us to Perryville, Arkansas and the Heifer International Ranch.
At the ranch, we learned about the earth and it’s renewable and non-renewable resources as well as the very real possibility of feeding the world.
Between educational presentations on how the third world operates throughout their day to day to spending the night in their global village. That allowed the youth to spend the night in a authentic third world dwelling, start their own fires and cook their own meals and bond with themselves and the other youth at the ranch.

2013 Youth Mission Trip  |   Tornado Relief Assistance   |   Moore, OK

In response to the tornadoes that struck the Oklahoma City area on May 19-20, our youth felt called to assist with tornado relief and cleanup efforts in the Moore, OK area.  During the week of July 7-13, our youth were engaged in hands on work and ministry with the people of Moore and other volunteers gathering to meet the incredible need facing this community.

During this time, our youth worked with a group called Operation Blessing, who coordinated efforts through the Highland Baptist Church of Moore, OK.  You can watch videos about their efforts HERE.


2012 Mission Trip  |  Arc Thrift Stores Charity  |  Denver, CO

Our 2012 Mission Trip took us to Denver, Colorado, where we spent a week working with Arc Thrift Stores, a charity that benefits and employs special needs adults.  We also spent time serving and making connections with a number of homeless people who were wandering the streets of downtown Denver.  We were truly blessed to serve, and saw God work in amazing and unexpected ways throughout the week.  We also had a BLAST spending time together and hiking Pike’s Peak!