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What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry:
As Presbyterians, we believe that God is sovereign over all the earth and all peoples, and we believe that God calls us to faith and to serve in the name of Jesus Christ. Our church has found ways of carrying out our vision through projects like our annual Jingle Bell 5k Run through downtown Manhattan. This fun event brings in hundreds of participants and volunteers and raises money for local organizations.
Through worship, education, service, mission, and prayer we seek to explore God’s call in our lives. We believe that God has a unique plan for each person as an individual, and for our church family as a community of disciples. We strive to discern God’s plan for our lives and then live it out. Our church has numerous activities to help strengthen us as individuals and build connections with each other. Beyond our annual church picnic and summer brunches, the Deacons regularly make efforts to reach out to members who may not be able to attend weekly worship through a monthly service at a retirement home, visits to people in the hospital, and Christmas cookies delivered to those unable to easily leave their homes. Our youth activities and ministries help strengthen church families and teachings of Jesus Christ. The church gymnasium (Presby Place) is heavily utilized for several of these activities which include: a basketball clinic held for young children, a blood drive conducted several times per year, vacation bible school, and the annual children’s Christmas Pageant.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals:
Our new Pastor will help us continue FPC’s rich history of mission work at all levels, bringing fresh insights on spiritual and demographic growth. Using experience, leadership skills, and strong Biblical knowledge, he/she will guide and help us through preaching, worship & teaching to continue loving and serving God and one another. It is our vision that all who enter
our sanctuary find solace and love, strengthened by the truth of scripture to be sent out as Disciples of Christ – His hands and heart in a world that needs Jesus. Our Pastor will equip and empower us for this service.
Our Pastor will be the “face” of our church in our community, connecting with all and joyfully inspiring others to join us in our Christian journey. This individual will engage with people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as partner with us as we seek new and creative ways to become more relevant to youth and young families.
Working ecumenically and within the Presbyterian Church, USA, our Pastor will foster and maintain relationships, and unite us in outreach and other activities. The city of Manhattan offers many opportunities to join in efforts with other Christian groups and college students, as well as with charitable organizations.
Our Pastor will be cognizant of our budget as it relates to carrying out all aspects of ministry for our church. He/she will help to prioritize and encourage good stewardship/tithing practices so that our work as the Body of Christ can faithfully continue.

What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?
As spiritual leader and Head of Staff, lead the congregation in all aspects of worship, administration, pastoral care, and fulfilling the church mission.
• Lead worship, administer sacraments, and preach sermons based on scriptural teaching. Inspire members and
visitors to affirmatively respond to Christ’s call.
• Coordinate with Worship Committee.
• Oversee staff to effectively execute day-to-day activities.
• As Moderator of Session, partner with elders to implement church policies and decisions.
• Help Session and committees to discern God’s plan to address the needs of our church and community.
• Guide Business Affairs Committee to ensure financial viability.
• Challenge the congregation to be faithful in stewardship of time, talents, and financial resources.
• Promote membership growth and sustainability, particularly via outreach to younger families. Conduct new members’ classes.
• Partner with Christian education leaders, and teach classes to advance spiritual growth & Biblical understanding.
• Promote unity in Christ and within the church.
• Promote congregational outreach by participating in civic, ecumenical, and mission groups.
• Be a good partner with the Presbytery of Northern Kansas.
• Provide pastoral care via counseling and visitation, especially for the ill, infirm, and bereaved.
• Engage congregants through Deacons & other volunteers.

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