Special Music

Music is an important part of our life as a church.  It enhances our worship experience and gives many of our members the opportunity to share their musical talents and gifts with the congregation and community.

Our Special Music Program is run by our Chancel Choir director and Kansas Sate University Professor Reginald Pittman.

Every Sunday we invite members of our congregation, community, and beyond to share their musical abilities in Sunday Morning Worship Service.

We love having a variety of music from week to week.  In the past we have had individuals and groups perform as vocalists and instrumentalists.

We have had individuals play a wide variety of instruments: Flute, Piano, Banjo, 12 String Guitar, Tribal Drums, and any more.  Performers have come from as close as our own neighborhood and as far away as West Africa!

We regularly feature groups from our own congregation as well, such as our multi-talented College Choir Interns, Flute Choir, Handbell Choir, and KIDS! Choirs.

We invite everyone to enjoy the rich musical heritage that has developed here at First Pres. Below, watch a performance by Christian McQueen!