Mary’s Song

I’ll Go To Them
(Lyrics and Music by Mary Mertz)

You showed me those who live in pain
You touched me and my heart forever changed
You lead me to places far away
I’ll go them, I’ll go to them – in Your name.

Your children grow too weak to cry
They watch another loved one die
Their dreams get buried deep inside
I’ll go to them, I’ll go to them – in Your name

And You use me to show them
there’s hope within this world
And You use me to love them
as You love each boy and girl

My home is where You hold me close
My strength comes from You and You alone
Your light shines down upon this road
I’ll go to them – I”ll go to them – in Your name.

This song was written a while back by Mary Mertz. The inspiration coming from those who hear God calling them to serve in difficult places, under heart wrenching circumstances, and far from home and loved ones.
On Sunday, this was shared in honor of those in the medical field bravely ministering to the victims of Covid-19. And especially in honor of Dr. Steve Short and the service he provided in God’s name to those suffering in the New York area. Thank you, Steve.