“When Tragedy and Terror Strikes” Sermon Series

Tragedy, when associated with war and terror, has struck our nation countless times throughout its over 240- year history, including The Civil War, the World Wars, The Great Depression, the Oklahoma City bombing, Sandy Hook in Newtown, the Charleston church killings,  and now the Age of Terror. It should come as no surprise that our nation with its roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition bounces back with confidence and resiliency every time, but not without great pain and sorrow.

This series will talk about the importance of our faith today and how it can supply ourselves and others with hope for the future, and how it has done so in the past. The sermon series, delivered by Rev. R.C. McConnell, will begin June 4th and continue June 11th, and June 25th. The sermon on June 18 will feature a special Father’s Day theme.