Services & Resources

Caring and providing for our members and friends who are residents of assisted living facilities, retirement homes, or unable to commute from their own homes is a big part of our ministry at First Presbyterian.

Our members and pastors make frequent visits to all of our members who fall into these categories.  We seek to provide companionship, support,worship opportunities, meals, and pastoral care for individuals who have such needs.

We have a number of groups in our church that care for and visit elderly members and friends of our congregation.

Our pastors and members make visits often, to be a presence in sick and shut-in’s lives, provide pastoral care, and lend an ear to share in their joys and concerns.

The Deacons and our Bridge Builders group make regular visits.

Please contact the church if you or someone you know would like a visit from our congregation, or if you would like to participate in this ministry yourself!