Classes & Study Series

Our Current Classes and Study Series Include:

Adult Sunday School, 9:15AM

Education is an important part of our faith, and one of the ways that we seek to grow together as Christians.  We believe that Sunday School is an important part of our education for every generation in our church.  Sunday School classes are available for adults, youth and children as follows:

Questions Class – Church Library: A discussion class led by member, Steven Graham.

Covenant Class – Chapel: A discussion class. Led by member, Dean Armbrust.

First Academy

First Academy features monthly programs and speakers.  These presentations create a forum for members, friends, and the community to address topics in our society today that intertwine faith and culture. All programs will meet in the sanctuary and are normally held the second Monday of the month.  If you would like to serve on the team planning the programs, please contact Rev. McConnell.

Previous Classes at First Presbyterian:

Coffee House: Faith That Matters- Fisher Hall: This class studied stories of faith from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Karl Barth, unnamed “Old Ladies” and other Faith-full leaders during their specific time in history when they felt their theology was dead and they needed to rewrite their beliefs in a way that guided their daily actions for living a faith-full life. They did not think the Bible or God was dead, they just felt that their lives were yearning for a new way of describing what God has been trying to tell us from the beginning of time.

The History of the Bible: This class explored the origin and formation of the Bible as we have it today.  We are also discussing topics such as how we read and interpret the Bible, and how it has been used and interpreted in the modern world and throughout history, for both positive and negative agendas.

You can listen to Class #2 – The Story of the English Bible by clicking HERE.

Listen to Class #3 – How Do We Read the Bible? by clicking HERE.

Moral Issues Facing Our Nation – Rev. Cam McConnell
Cam and many of our members spoke about a variety of issues that are shaping our modern culture.  Some topics of exploration and discussion included entitlements, the morality of national debt, the state of the Protestant church, and the changing shape of the modern American family.

Faith of the Presidents – Rev. Cam McConnell
Cam spoke on the belief and faith of various Presidents who have shaped the direction of our country and culture.