Presby Diners

Presby Diners is an event designed to connect people in the church who never would have met otherwise!

Monthly events will be held in January, February, and March. The host will provide the main dish and drinks. The guests will provide appetizer, salad, vegetable, bread or dessert that you and your host will agree on. Yes, you may purchase food.

A typical gathering occurs on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening (week nights are fine if that works best for your group) when approximately 6 to 12 people gather and share a meal and fellowship. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and renew old friendships. You will hopefully eat with a different group each month and it is open to singles, couples, members and non-members.

Sign up information is distributed each year in December, so keep an eye out on our website, Facebook and in your bulletins and newsletters! If you need child care, the church office has a “sitter directory” for your convenience. Late submissions will be placed on the substitute list. If you sign up and do not get a letter in January, please let us know ASAP so we can get you on the list. For more information or questions contact: Virginia Benkelman at 539-4762 or the church office at 537-0518.