The Deacons serve the church and the community by focusing on ordered service and congregational care.  The Presbyterian Book of Order states that the “The Board of Deacons shall minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may be in distress.“  Every deacon has a BIG heart and a passion to serve out of love and the call of Christ on his or her life.

Some of the ministries offered by the Deacons include:

Deacons Offering
The Deacon’s Offering is collected on the first Sunday of each month. This offering provides for our ministry to this congregation and the community.  It provides a valuable ministry to the community by offering financial assistance to individuals in need of rental payments, KPL payments, gas payments, medical expense payments, and basic needs, such as school supplies, shoes, socks or food.  The Deacons encourage all to open your hearts and help us help the less fortunate.

Social Events
The Deacons minister to the congregation by sponsoring events such as the Ice Cream Social and the Deacons’ Tea.

Hospital and Shut-in Visitation
The deacons provide pastoral care and companionship for members and friends who experience prolonged hospital stays or are homebound.  They take flowers to our members and friends in the hospitals, deliver food baskets to our shut-ins, and provide a loving and compassionate presence for others.

Retirement Home Worship Services
The Retirement Community Ministries is a Deacons project. They conduct worship services at Stoneybrook, Via Christi, Homestead and Meadowlark Hills.  For more information about these services please visit our Retirement Home Ministries page.

Food Pantry
The Deacons help to organize and provide volunteers to work with the Food Pantry that operates out of our church each Friday.

Funeral Meals
The Deacons also coordinate and provide meals when funeral services are held at the church as a way of ministering to the families and friends.

Baby Meals!
The Deacons also organize and provide meals for new parents who are adjusting to life with a new life!

Our Deacons include:

Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022
Amanda Hackett Billy Brown Abby Bowen
Leicha Kennedy Jordan Brown Carole Fager
Pat Kershner Ray Coffey Wesley Garibay
Margo Laubhan Donna Davis Jan Gibbs
Nancy Parker Michelle Elkins Micky Jensen
Taylor Provine Kate Gillum Jim Pritchett
Marilyn Shineman Carmen Schober Kim Rothwell
Molly Townsend Teresa Wille Kim Smith
Tyrone Townsend Haley Wilson Vincent Tracey